Outdoor Printing

When visibility is key for your outdoor presence, there is no better solution than Magicwax Graphics. Our high quality ink, printing materials, color management systems, and printers provide a vibrant output with unparalleled detail. We are able to print on material up to 5 meters in width at a capacity of 10,000 meters per day, which makes us capable to handle your most challenging outdoor printing needs.


At Magicwax Graphics we believe that as the industry becomes more demanding and ever more complex, it is essential to serve our customers with quality, time-efficient and cost-effective solutions. That’s why we are always keen on installing the latest printing systems technology has to offer.

Printable  Materials:

  • Sticker Film
  • Mirror Textile
  • Print and Cut Sticker
  • Banner
  • TR Laminated Film
  • See Through Sticker
  • Backlit Flex
  • Mesh banner