Promotional Materials

Bring in the attention your business deserves with all the tried, tested, and timeless print marketing tools. Available in all the standard sizes, you can professionally introduce yourself with business cards, brochures, and flyers. Come to every meeting prepared with folders and booklets to detail the products or services your company offers. Print large outdoor signs or hang indoor displays that advertise to a larger market or remind customers of your offers.

Magicwax lets you choose and combine the details that will bring your branding vision to life, however it’s displayed or disseminated. Print in small to large standard sizes, gloss or matte coatings to elevate the entire look. Upload your own design or easily create one from scratch with our intuitive online design tool. Save more with bulk printing by ordering a larger quantity and spending less per piece. However or whatever you decide to design, we make it worth the spend with our cheap printing services.

Here are some of the innovative ways you can complete your marketing strategy through these print products.

Know your demographic. Your entire marketing plan—whether digital or in print—should be planned according to your current and potential customers’ demographic. The customers’ age, income, location, sex, and gender will guide the colors, shapes, and text in your promotional messages. What’s printed in each ad or announcement should appeal to the tastes, needs, and wants of your customer demographic.

Create personalized, tactile promotions. Now that you have a target market in mind, dig deeper into how you will customize each message on your promotions. What are their goals and interests? How will your product help them achieve these ends? Once you have a clear picture of who they are and what they need, you’ll be able to create personalized promotions they’ll pay attention to.

Choose tools that will reach your market. Personalization also means choosing print tools that your market will look at and read in detail. Older generations are more likely to pay attention to signs like banners and posters. Younger adults who live in the suburbs will notice customized postcards and reach for brochures or marketing flyers in stores.

Focus on a call to action. Now that you’ve planned how and which information to place on the printed promotion, guide all those details toward a clear “call to action.” Advertising a website? Make sure the URL is large and readable. Introducing a new line of products? Show them where or how they can purchase a set with ease.

Align your printed ads with your online efforts. Your customers spend more time online and use digital resources to be better informed about the products they’re looking for. The digital ads they see should appear to be in the same family as your printed materials.

Give away freebies to reward customer loyalty. Use printed materials to thank customers for their business. Give away exclusively designed custom stickers or marketing magnets as freebies for purchasing a certain amount. Sending custom postcards with exclusive discount codes is a common marketing strategy used by businesses to promote their products or services.

Consider expanding your market. Don’t limit yourself to repeat customers online. See what other demographics could use or would be interested in your product. Gather data about regular or occasional visitors to your site. Set up interviews with groups who may need or are looking for your product. Include them in your reach and see if your printed marketing materials can appeal to these individuals.